Anime Studio 10 - Available Now!

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Anime Studio 10 - Available Now!

Post by Fahim » Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:17 am

Anime Studio 10 is an Investment You Won't Regret

Whether you're an experienced artist animator or just getting started with a new hobby and want to come up to speed super fast, Anime Studio 10 is an investment that you won't regret. Our entry-level Debut product is chock-full of tutorials and videos to help you learn the basics and our Pro level version is one of the most powerful animation products on the market, but at an incredibly affordable price. If you're at all serious about animation, there's no reason not to jump into the Pro level product.

Anime Studio was already an amazingly powerful animation tool before, but with the latest release you'll find even more solid features. For users who've already been working with a previous version of Anime Studio, we have great discounts on upgrades. Check out the new features in version 10 below and then upgrade today.

Learn all about the new version here:

Everything you need to make amazing, professional animations.

- Revolutionary Bone Rigging system takes the work out of tedious frame-by-frame animation
- Intuitive animation timeline simplifies complex animation tasks
- The revolutionary Smart Bones™ system sets up bones as control dials
- Import complex Adobe® Photoshop® and Manga Studio® files
- Work with vector based art for maximum control and scalability
- Edit motion curves directly instead of relying on tweening
- Import or record audio and automatically lip-synch to characters
- Work in 2D or 3D space and import 3D objects
- Speed and memory improvements on 64 bit machines
- Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Acceleration
- Wacom® Multi-Touch support

Learn all about the new version here:


New Bone Constraints

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 10 - Several major enhancements have been made to Anime Studio's bone features. The new bone constraints feature will include rigging options that will help set up characters that are more complex and powerful. The independent angle constraint allows a bone to maintain its global angle similar to a camera crane and is not affected by inverse kinematics or its bone parents. Ideal uses for bone constraints include robotic arms or feet on characters that maintains constraints when the rest of the leg is moving. The squash and stretch bone scaling enhancement allows bones to squash and stretch objects. The elbow bending feature helps improve otherwise abnormal bending and squashing issues. New target bones help bones point in the right direction rather than having the need to consistently set angles. Other improvements in bones include an updated inverse kinematic solver and automatic bone scaling. [Pro Only Feature]

Enhanced Smart Bone Setup

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 10 - Setting up a Smart Bone Dial is now easier. After drawing a bone, select it and go up to Bone > Make Smart Dial. A panel will appear to create the dial. Options include Maximum Angle, Minimum Angle, Duration and Name. Once you apply this, your bone name and label will be set, along with your lifetime frames for the action. All there’s left for you to do is start creating! [Pro Only Feature]

Bounce, Elastic and Stagger Interpolation

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 10 - By applying the Bounce keyframe type to the timeline, any object interpolated will appear to bounce, all within two keyframes. Elastic provides a rubber band effect, making objects spring back and forth before reaching their end point. Settings can be adjusted for each of these interpolation types to change the amount of times the object bounces, the intensity and more. Stagger creates the effect that the animation is stuttering or staggering between two keyframes. No additional keyframes are created for this effect. This is great if you want to create the effect a character is having issue lifting a heavy object, as an example. [Pro Only Feature]

New and Updated Drawing Tools

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - New tools mean more ways to create and achieve awesome results. The Paint Bucket Tool has been enhanced. Now when you fill in an outline, the created shape will remain independent of the original outline and control points, allowing you to use that outline as a template for future shapes. Additionally, objects no longer have to be weld shut in order to fill them in. As long as an area is enclosed by lines, it can be filled with the enhanced Paint Bucket Tool. The new Blob Brush Tool allows you to easily create shapes by freehand drawing anything you desire. Upon release of the mouse button, Anime Studio will create an outlined shape for you to further enhance and tweak. The Eraser Tool, a much requested addition to the software, is like the Blob Brush Tool, except now whichever area you paint over will see a removal or shift in points. This is great for creating gaps or missing pieces in your objects with very little effort. Finally, the new Reduce Points Tool gives you control over how many points an object has. Instead of trying to manually delete points to make an object less complicated, you can use this tool to reduce excess points while retaining the shape of the object. You can even adjust the tolerance to get the exact results you need!

Separate Render Process

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 10 – The Batch Exporter and Renderer are now performed as a separate process. Even if you quit from Anime Studio Pro, the render process continues until the job is completed. [Pro Only Feature]

Combined Bone Tools

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - The scale, rotate and translate bone tool functions have been combined into the new Transform Bone Tool. Like the Transform Layer and Point tools, if you click and hold down on the mouse button outside of the bone, you can rotate the bone. If you click and hold on the base (wide end) of the bone, you can move or translate it. If you click and hold on any of the red handles, it resizes the bone. Your cursor will change (rotate, translate and scale) depending on where the cursor is for that bone, making things more streamlined when working on your project files.

Combined Point Tools

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - Clicking back and forth between Point Tools is now a thing of the past. The new Transform Point Tool allows you to move, resize and rotate any point you wish. This works similar to the Transform Layer Tool. A red box will appear around objects that you select. If you click and hold inside the object, you can translate or move the shape. Clicking and holding between the control points allows for shape rotation. Clicking and holding on a corner point allows for proportionate scaling. Doing this on either the left or right side will scale horizontally. Scaling vertically can be done with the top or bottom control points.

Enhanced Freehand Drawing

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - More focus is dedicated to your drawings with live Freehand previews. Brushes, tapering effects and more are visible as you apply strokes to the Workspace. Control points and outlines no longer show up with this tool, giving you greater freedom and concentration over your art. If you still like to tweak your points after the fact, don’t worry, the points are still there. The difference is you get to choose when these points show up by accessing the Add Point or Transform Point Tools.

Preview Animation

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 10 - You can now preview animations before committing to rendering. By going up to File > Preview Animation, a small video file will be created allowing you to view the animation, with no dropped frames, as it appears in workspace mode. While this method should not be used for final exports, you can take these files and save them elsewhere on your computer or even share them with others if needed. This can cut down tremendously on trial and error when animating and save lots of time, which is invaluable for creative projects. [Pro Only Feature]

Multiple Document Support

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - Anime Studio now allows you to open more than one document at a time, and switch from one to another in a tabbed interface.

Keyboard Shortcut Editor

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - Create and save your own keyboard shortcut configurations.

Multiple Shape Selection

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - Now with the Select Shape Tool, you can select multiple shapes at once. Simply hold down the shift key as you click on the shapes you want to select them. Holding in Alt and clicking on an object will deselect it from your group of shapes. You can even transfer colors to multiple shapes at once using the Eyedropper Tool!

Frame Zero and the Sequencer

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - If a layer has been shifted on the Sequencer (forwards or backwards), frame 0 will always be accessible. This means you can add bones, draw and make general changes on frame 0 no matter what changes are made to the layer with the Sequencer.

Hiding Points and Bones

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - You can now hide any point or bone you wish! Click on the bone or point you want to hide, go up to Draw and select Hide Points (or Bones). Now you are free to make changes with less on screen clutter, all the while keeping your hidden bones and points free from any changes you make on the timeline. This is a great way to isolate areas of your project you don’t want to accidently alter.

GPU Acceleration

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - GPU Acceleration takes advantage of your computer’s hardware, boosting performance and quality for several layer types while allowing you to see exactly what the tool is doing as you apply a stroke or shape to the Workspace. The performance boost will help reduce pixelation and artifacting when working with certain graphical elements, such as Vector and Image layers. [Pro Only Feature]

Edit Multiple Layers Simultaneously

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - Select multiple layers, including layers of different types, and apply changes to multiple layers at the same time.

Variable Width Curves

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - With Variable Width Curves, there is no longer an absolute value for width variation in your lines. With everything now running on a percentage, you are given more control over stroke lines. As an example, you could now overlap and animate curves created with any stroke tool, mimicking an outlined shape. This gives you more options for creating assets such as character limbs!

Enhanced Brush Strokes and Multi-Brush Support

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - When rendering brush strokes as either a preview or rendered video file, you will see a clear image, no matter the point size of your brush. No longer will you have to deal with fuzzy or pixelated brush strokes during export! In addition to new brush types for your strokes, custom brushes can now combine images to create multiple brush images for each stroke. Simply create a sub-folder in your Anime Studio Brush’s folder, add some PNGs, and watch your new brush come to life as the images are randomly placed throughout the stroke.

Point Hiding

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - Your freehand drawings are the center of attention. Control points and outlines are now hidden when using the Create Shape and Freehand tools. But don’t worry, the points will be visible when using the Add Point or new Transform Point Tools, giving you control when you need it.

Random Line Width Refined

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 10 - In previous versions of Anime Studio, random line width could prove to be a bit jarring from point to point. Version 10 introduces a refinement to this feature by making the thickness between neighboring points more consistent when using random line width. More consistency means a more polished drawing. [Pro Only Feature]

Texture Transparency

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 10 - Now when applying a PNG texture to an Anime Studio object, any transparent properties in that image will carry over to the texture, giving you more options for creating details in your projects. Additionally, the new Through Transparency feature will hide the object the texture is applied to, allowing you to form the texture to a shape, maintain transparency effects and create unique pieces of art. [Pro Only Feature]

Adjustable Particle Source

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - With Particle Layers, you can now use any shape, even ones that contain gaps, as an origin point for your particles. To do this, simply put your reference layer on the bottom of the Particle Layer folder. Turn on “Use base layer as source” in your Layer Settings and you’re set! [Pro Only Feature]

Threshold Options

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - Whenever you apply a shaded effect on a layer, you can now round it off or apply a colorize effect to create some fun and interesting results. Mainly, this gives you more control over how the shaded area is presented, the higher the Threshold, the less jarring the effect will be. Colorizing allows you to create a new color effect for the layer, even allowing for a cool morphing effect when animating two or more objects that come close to each other. All of this can be achieved through the Layer Settings as long as a blur effect is turned on and Tolerance is enabled. Color Effects such as Soft Edge and Shaded have the Threshold option as well.

Enhanced Depth of Field

NEW in Anime Studio Pro 10 - Now when you create a Depth of Field effect through the Project Settings, you will get a visual representation of where your focus will be on the Workspace by using the Orbit Tool. This is a great addition if you have a hard time remembering what the settings for Depth of Field will do to change the effect. Placing the focus line closer to assets will ensure they are in focus, while everything else is blurry, depending on your focus range. [Pro Only Feature]

Fractional Blur

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - While applying a blur effect to a layer, it is now possible to use fractions to create a more subtle effect. In the past, Anime Studio would jump from one whole number to the next when animating a blur effect. Now, when interpolating a blur on a layer, you will see a smooth transition as the effect now takes fractions into consideration. Better interpolation, better results.

Media Plugins / Export Animation

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - More video formats are supported in Windows and Macintosh versions.

Content Library Update

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - The Content Library has been completely updated with new content. The new content has been created by professional animators and is an awesome guide for those wanting to learn firsthand how pros create their characters, bone rigs and scenes in Anime Studio. Feel free to learn from the pre-built content or use it in your animations!

OS Icon Preview

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - When saving documents, a preview thumbnail is saved with the project.

Automatic Updates

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - Anime Studio now automatically checks for updates. Saving you time from having to check manually!

Activation, Serialization and License Management

NEW in Anime Studio 10 - Anime Studio now prompts you to activate and serialize your software. This new feature of Anime Studio helps maintain the authenticity of your application.