Anime Studio 10.1 Now Available!

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Anime Studio 10.1 Now Available!

Post by Michi » Fri Jul 25, 2014 12:34 am

Anime Studio 10.1 is available now!

If you own Anime Studio Debut 10 or Anime Studio Pro 10, you can automatically update from within the application. Go to Help > Check for Updates.

You can also download the updates directly here:

Here is some more info on the 10.1 update. The following info is from the Anime Studio Pro 10.1 ReadMe:

Fixes/Improvements in Anime Studio® Pro 10.1 Update

-- Localized Builds --
- The application now runs in English, German or Spanish.

-- Key Bug Fixes --
- Fixed over 200 bugs

-- Enhancements --
- The new Crop Tool allows you to crop an image layer to a specified area.
- Layers can be copied and pasted between documents with the Edit > Copy Layer and Edit > Paste Layer commands.
- Switch layers are displayed in the timeline. Mouse over to see which layer is active at that keyframe.
- Condense or expand the Timeline Options bar with the View > Show Timeline Options command, or by using a new Timeline Options widget and accompanying dialog.
- Display or hide the Play and View controls in the timeline with the View > Show Play & View Controls command.
- The Keyframe Settings dialog helps you manage settings for selected keyframes.
- The Animation > Consolidate Layer Channels command allows you to expand or collapse layer channels in the timeline or with the Consolidate timeline channels option in the Preferences dialog.
- The Paste Relative command allows you to paste selected keyframes that continue animation from the state at which the keyframes were pasted.
- New documents are now assigned a name of Untitled-X, where X is a number that is one higher than the number of opened documents.
- A chevron in the Documents tab allows you to display the names of other opened documents if there are more than can be displayed in the Documents tab.
- A new preference allows you to automatically close the current document and switch to a gathered project file after gathering.
- GPU acceleration can be enabled or disabled in Anime Studio Debut and Pro through an option in the Preferences dialog.
- A preference option allows you to enable or disable whether analytics information (hardware information and feature usage) is sent to Smith Micro.
- The Draw > Freeze Visible Points command allows you to freeze all points currently visible in the project.
- New commands in the Bone menu allow you to freeze selected bones, or all bones that are currently visible in your scene.
- The Keyboard Shortcuts editor has been enhanced to display the number of times duplicate shortcuts are used. You can hover over the indicator to display the commands that use that shortcut.
- Bones can be marked as “shy”, allowing you to display or hide all shy bones with a single menu command. (AS 10.1 Pro only)
- When multiple layers are selected, an option in each tab allows you to apply all settings from that tab to other selected layers. (AS 10.1 Pro only)
- Document-wide or layer-specific timeline markers help you identify key events in your animation. (AS 10.1 Pro only)
- Elastic interpolation enhancements allow you to control the scale and direction (forward or reverse) of the interpolation. (AS 10.1 Pro only)
- The File > Export as Version 9 File saves your project for Anime Studio 9 compatibility. (AS 10.1 Pro only)
- The File > Export FBX command allows you to export your Anime Studio projects to 2D and 3D application that support FBX format (such as Unity or Autodesk products). (AS 10.1 Pro only)
- Use the View > FBX Preview Mode command to preview and modify your project before exporting to FBX mode. Changes that you make while in this mode will be carried over when viewing in standard development mode. (AS 10.1 Pro only)
- Bone dynamics can be enabled or disabled with the Animation > Enable Bone Dynamics command, allowing you to choose between accuracy or performance during animation playback. (AS 10.1 Pro only)
- The Collapse Layers script allows you to animate the collapsing or expanding of layers contained in a group layer. (AS 10.1 Pro only)
- The Unroll Shapes script allows you to unroll multiple shapes in a layer, cascading their visibility. (AS 10.1 Pro only)
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