The Animator’s Survival Kit for iPad


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Re: The Animator’s Survival Kit for iPad

Post by heyvern » Thu May 02, 2013 8:22 pm

Yes, so many times the complaints against Apple are based on their absolute "control" of everything but it does have its benefits.

Apple has ALWAYS held an iron fist on the software AND hardware. From day 1 the mac had developer guidelines for exact interface and menus etc. Compared to MS which (until recently) only made the OS. Windows has to work on a bazillion different types of machines, with weird drives, weird cards etc etc. Apple on the other hand, by controlling EVERYTHING very tightly makes sure that stuff works the way they want it to. They don't have to worry about supporting Hard Drive X or Video Card Y because they put those things in.

I will admit that it is frustrating dealing with the "closed" system of Apple development (and to some degree with the customers). However, in my humble opinion... phew... it is so nice to just know that everything will work as expected. With Apple all the "parts" were put in by them. All of the software developed for Apple has to follow strict rules. This can be hard on developers (like Smith Micro) but it is great for the customer. I do feel bad when I hear how difficult it can be to Develop for Apple but it works for me. Plus I get to have Mac and Windows on one machine. I use to have two. (An upcoming webinar I will be using both mac and win at the same time so people don't get lost. I can do that from one computer).
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Re: The Animator’s Survival Kit for iPad

Post by jahnocli » Sat May 04, 2013 11:34 am

Yeah, it's the cathedral and the bazaar. Apple have had an extraordinary history of success with hardware, but the trouble with their business model is they only have to get it wrong once...
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