Mask Group won't bind to Bones

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Mask Group won't bind to Bones

Post by gtcable » Fri May 26, 2006 8:46 pm


I'm having difficutly with this character centered around his eyes.
In order to have a good eye blink I created a Group Layer mask. I have 3 vector layers inside the group layer: eyeballs, pupils, eyelids. The group layer's settings are set up so that the eyeballs act as a mask for the lids & pupil. (Probably not relevant)

When I add all my vector layers and this group mask layer to my Bones layer and create the bones they bind as expected to everything but the group layer. If I take all the elements out of the mask they'll bind properly. I just will lose the whole intent of the mask.

:roll: What's going on here & how do I fix it?
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Post by heyvern » Fri May 26, 2006 9:48 pm

Trying to get the picture in my head...

Anyway... a group inside a bone group... will not "bind" the same way. You could use the bind layer tool to bind that group layer to a specific bone... but this will not allow the "distortions" of layers inside that group.

Basically the whole layer is bound to the bone. If you bind to the head bone and rotate the head... the whole layer moves and rotates with the head... this is good and is exactly what it's for.

If this works for you then... problem solved.

If this is NOT good enough for you there is another option. If you need to have more bone control within that sub group....

Instead of using a "mask" group layer for the eye stuff... use a bone layer. Then you can bind THAT bone layer inside the OTHER bone layer to say... the head bone.

You can set masking on a bone layer just like a group layer.

The sub bone layer for the eyes... can have its own set of bones.

What I do is use a set of layer scripts (check the scripting forum for master/control bone script) that allow me to control bones all over the place from one bone layer. So I can have a bunch of bone layers inside another bone layer... and control those bones from just one layer.

That's just me... you don't HAVE to do this. You can just select that sub bone layer and move the bones as needed.


You could have the eye layers outside that "masking group" and set the masking for the bone layer... you may have to set all the other layers mask settings if they "dissapear" or are effected by the masking settings.