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Post by heyvern » Wed Jun 21, 2006 11:47 pm

The PC version of Moho isn't really a priority for me. The paint bucket would be an interesting diversion I think. More of a novelty at most. I would have to break my current routine to use it.

To be honest... the whole shape and fill thing is done "up front". The "real" work is animating. I get to that point and hardly need to deal with shapes or fill colors. I get that part out of the way as quick as possible.

Since I am more comfortable on the Mac, using Moho on the PC would be slower for me even if it was "faster". Moho is fine speed wise on the Mac for me. I do a lot of quick renders to QT which is pretty darn fast when you turn off all the "extras".

Plus... all my cool toys are hooked to the Mac... wacom pad... wireless mouse...

I have this ancient "ball" mouse still on the PC... that is how much I use it. I did have to hook the scanner to the PC out of desperation when HP refused to update the driver for OSX.

I have found several other tools that require Tiger so I will be updating soon... probably in the next few weeks... or as soon as I get my next "pay check". My main concern is having a lot of down time if the update doesn't go smoothly or if my machine is not "powerful" enough to run it well.

I will most definately be using the new version of Moho when that happens and will give the paint bucket a good try out... I will probably try out Fazek's improved version though. I like his scripting stuff... he's good.