DrEddie’s “Basic MOHO 2D Animation” -- Save $30 on MOHO

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DrEddie’s “Basic MOHO 2D Animation” -- Save $30 on MOHO

Post by dreddie » Sat Jul 08, 2006 4:11 am

DrEddie’s “Basic MOHO 2D Animation” Class

Why study MOHO 2D Animation? Because this program is simple, fast, and fun! A Free Demo Program of MOHO will be used in Class. It places a Watermark on all output. But if you purchase MOHO, you can output your work without the Watermark.

Lost Marble has offered a 50% discount to anyone taking my class. Normally $100, MOHO will be available at a Student Price of $50. My Class is $20. You save $30. This class starts July 9th. When you see what MOHO can do, you will be amazed at the low price.

Within three weeks of having MOHO, I created Pirate Ships, smoking Volcanos, Flying Birds, UFOs in space, Alien Cities, an Underwater Scenes with fish, seaweed, and sharks. You will learn how to animate your own creations! You will only be limited by your imagination!

“Basic MOHO 2D Animation” will cover the Fundamentals of Animation. You will create Simple Scenes and learn how to animate them. You will learn all you need to create your own Animations. This will be an Adventure. It’s an incredible feeling to see something you have created come to life and move!

You will take a single Frame and turn it into an Action Scene. You will learn to make Vector Objects for animation. How to color them and add special effects. I will show you how to store Elements in one project and how to retrieve them in another so you don’t have to “redraw the same object” again. You will learn how to make your own Animation Library.

I will show you how to create a Character. How to add Bones for animation. How to animate the character. You will work with Key Frames so you can easily change the Timing of any element in your animation. Does it sound exciting? It is!

The skills you learn in MOHO will help you go on to 3D animation, if you wish. Why not just study a 3D program? Because they are complex, time consuming, and confusing for Beginners! MOHO is so much easier and faster. It gives you a great Foundation for Animation.

If you are like me, you have stories you want to tell now! You don’t want to spend months or years learning a program. Tell your stories now! MOHO can help you do that. Any Animation Program takes time, but MOHO is the simplest I have found so far. It is fast and fun! I recommend at least a 1 GigaHertz computer or better for any animation work.

This class starts July 9th. All Classes from the Eclectic Academy are only $20 for 6 weeks of instruction. For more about DrEddie’s “Basic MOHO 2D Animation”, click on this address:

For more info about Lost Marble and MOHO Animation click here.