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Forum member scripts

Post by heyvern » Sun Nov 16, 2008 6:28 pm

To cut down on the number of sticky threads in the scripting forum, below is a list of links to active (and not so active) script creators on the forum. Each link will take you to that persons main topic that contains their scripts with descriptions and downloads.

Fazek's replacement tools
Fazek created a set of tools that can replace the standard LM tools.
Not as active a member as in the past, Fazek's tools are still considered to be the most popular tool scripts and a good place to start to discover the power of custom scripts. Many of us reccomend these tools to new users who have problems with drawing in AS using the standard tools that come with AS.

A "recent" convert to the power of AS scripting and a great inspiration and help to me, Synthsin75 has created some very interesting new tools to enhance AS performance.

He has some really cool tools and menu scripts. Great stuff!
He is the genius who suggested this "update" to the scripts forum! You have him to thank for ultimately inspiring this great idea! I wasn't entirely on board with it but now I'm glad he mentioned it.

Heyvern? Who's that guy? ;) My focus is mainly on bones and extravagant experiments. Many of my scripts are works in progress but there are a few useful ones in there as well.

Although not as active as in the past Genete did some amazing scripts and has also been A HUGE GIGANTIC inspiration and great help to me. His claim to fame (for me at least) was the amazing set of "3D vector" menu and layer scripts.

A few scripts from another member of the AS forum not as active as he was in the past. His scripts were a huge influence on many of my experiments.

Have to track down his script topics. He has not been active on the forum for a while. He was my very first scripting influence. It was the scripts from 7feet that got me started. Along with Macton, 7feet was one of the first creating new tools and scripts that I used for learning and stealing bits of code.

Macton has not been active on the forum in... well... a very long time but the scripts still available are quite useful. Be aware that some of these scripts may not be available. The ones I had access to now live on my server. Another AS scripter I used for inspiration and learning.

If I missed anyone please send me a PM with a link or username.


Some of you have been passing on scripts and links to me that should be here in this topic. I will get to them as quickly as I can. I am going to post them here in a "haphazard" fashion so they don't get "lost" and until I have time to organize it. If you think you've been forgotten or you sent me something to post and I haven't yet, just be patient. I am doing the best I can and it's nothing personal.

Miscelaneous scripts:

Delete all keys on one frame - Forum Member: Touched