SCRIPTS by capricorn33: New DRAWING TOOLS

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SCRIPTS by capricorn33: New DRAWING TOOLS

Post by capricorn33 » Sat Apr 02, 2016 3:25 pm

Hi everybody.

In my drawer since a year or so I have had these ideas for some small improvements to AS drawing tools. And just recently, a couple of weeks ago, I pulled them out on the table again and continued working on them.

So, here you have the first two of my "projects from the drawer"... one eraser tool and one freehand mod.

download link: ...

They are both perhaps still a little buggy here and there, still got some work to do on them... but anyway, it would be nice with a little feedback just to see if anyone else but me find them any useful. :-)

NOTE; you need to install BOTH tools if you want to try the freehand tool. It is dependent on the pointdelete tool, so you will need both.

Developed for and only tested on AS11.


THE FREEHAND MOD ========================================
was made especially with FBF use in mind...

You will see that there are two different pens you can choose from; one "blue" pen for sketching and one "black" pen for cleanup.
The bluepen and blackpen use the one and same layer, but you can think of them almost as separate layers, depending on which pen (or eraser) you have chosen.
- It's simple. You'll get it when you try it out.

(The bluepen and blackpen are separated using different pointgroups and hiding and unhiding of points, which all happens automatically in the background as you switch tools on the toolbuttons.)

The bluepen and blackpen thing is quite obvious feature, as it hits you in the eye whenever you look at the user interface... fancy buttons and all that... :)

But THIS is the best part:
The most important difference compared to the original freehand is hidden inside the normal working of the tool; because this one can create sharp corners in the middle of a stroke. Which the original doesn't do too well, in my opinion.

This freehand mod will actually create REAL sharp corners, right in the middle as you are drawing a line.
You just have to do two things to make this happen:

- 1. make a somewhat sharp angle while drawing (well, duh...)
- 2. at the same time make a light pause in the drawing movement of your hand (the tool senses that the velocity is a little slower and that tells it that you actually want a sharp corner at this place.)

Try it out. It's cool 8)

(oh, and make sure you have the pixel tolerance = 8 and angle tolerance = 17 (about) and the smoothing set at second setting for nicest results... most important thing is that the pixel tolerance value is LOW... otherwise the result will be ugly... )

THE POINT DELETE TOOL ========================================

The goal here is to give a kind of "real, natural feel" to this eraser.
- It will delete several points at once,
- it will "quantify" the curves at the point where you are applying it and add new points to make the lines disappear more smoothly as you erase,
- and it will also at a light touch make the strokes start going thinner, decrasing linewidths of the curves.

All this with the intention to give a more "realistic" feel to the eraser, kind of like what you experience when erasing a line drawn on paper.

Remember to try to use it with different amounts of pressure from your pen!!!

NOTE 1: this point deletion tool will ADD NEW POINTS TO YOUR CURVES. And quite a lot of them.
if your artwork already has a lot of points in it this tool might lag down AS considerably.
This means that it is best suited for use on layers with a moderate amount of curves and points.
Alright, now you have been warned. :-)
(I plan to add some checkboxes later to switch the point creating stuff off, when needed)

NOTE 2: the tool is PRESSURE SENSITIVE. (the tool is quite useless if you only use a mouse)
with a light touch all the width shrinking and adding of extra points will happen.
But you can also make the delete action more aggressive by pressing harder with your pen - this
will prevent further point creation and thus speed up the process rather a lot...

(A little tip; to really enjoy the effect of this tool, use your favorite brush and turn "paths" off...) :)

Any feedback is welcome! :D

cheers, Hans
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Re: SCRIPTS by capricorn33: New DRAWING TOOLS

Post by A.Evseeva » Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:59 pm

The link is broken. Is it possible to get this tool anyway?
Thank You very much.
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Re: SCRIPTS by capricorn33: New DRAWING TOOLS

Post by chucky » Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:01 am

Hi Hasse, I don't know how I missed this, I'll be downloading these straight away.
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Re: SCRIPTS by capricorn33: New DRAWING TOOLS

Post by niroshB » Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:14 pm

Link is dead,Please someone can share it.... :cry:
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Re: SCRIPTS by capricorn33: New DRAWING TOOLS

Post by justoshow » Sun May 27, 2018 9:58 pm

niroshB wrote:Link is dead,Please someone can share it.... :cry:
Looking to try out as well.
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Re: SCRIPTS by capricorn33: New DRAWING TOOLS

Post by grugilko » Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:30 am

plsss reup this somebody :cry: :cry: :cry:
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