lip synch switch layer with head turn switch...

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lip synch switch layer with head turn switch...

Post by heyvern » Sun Feb 05, 2006 7:26 am

Are there any tricks for this?

Smacking my brain trying to think of something for this.

Not a "deal breaker"... just thought it would be cool to be able to switch and interpolate lip synch layers while the head turns...

Currently my characters will not speak while turning.

Found that wicked cool SwitchSlave script... that is just plain freakin' genius... holy cow!

I suppose... I could create a switch for each mouth shape for lip synching... than... link them to one master switch... lot of work but that is okay... once it's done... it's done.

Plus I can then link the papagayo "master switch layer" to all the other layers...

Just asking incase anyone has some cool trick up their sleeves that wouldn't involve potential insanity...

... 10 layers for lip synch... 10 layers each for 8 head turn layers... uh... 8 times 10... or is it 80 times 10... carry the 1... 80 layers? Or... 800? I think just 80 layers...

I get sleepy just thinking about it. But I will do it... if no easier way.

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