How do I import a downloaded mouth into Papagayo?

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How do I import a downloaded mouth into Papagayo?

Post by KellyH » Tue Sep 07, 2010 9:14 am

I recently downloaded a character pack from a website and it said that all of the mouths are ready for use with Papagayo. However, I don't know how to upload the mouth into this software. Someone suggested placing it into the mouth folder of Papagayo so that it would appear in the drop-down menu of the Papagayo screen, but when I've looked, I can't find a mouth folder, just a Mouth.anme file. Also, the character I've downloaded is a .anme file and doesn't provide the individual mouths separately in a folder.

Any help would be great, as this is a project for work.
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Post by Genete » Tue Sep 07, 2010 9:45 am

you don't need to import any mouth shape to Papagayo. The ones that come with Papagayo are enough for lipsync. Overall Papagayo process is this:

-Record or get a voice audio file.
-Load the audio file into Papagayo.
-In Papagayo, type the text the voice say and select the language. Then make the lipsync.
-Once you're happy with the lipsync in Papagayo just export the voice file in papagayo format (text file with the phonemes).
-Then import the voice file to Anime Studio using a Swith layer. In your case the same switch layer that your downloaded character provides.

The downloaded character says that it is ready for use with Papagayo because the mouth layer's names are compatible with Papagayo naming standards.

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