New Papagayo to After Effects Convertor for Mac OSX - PapaAE

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New Papagayo to After Effects Convertor for Mac OSX - PapaAE

Post by rsoden » Fri May 20, 2011 9:38 pm

I animate primarily in after effects and really like papagayo. But going from papagayo to after effects has been a pain.

I got tired of the lipsync widget never working correctly. I got endless "cannot process file errors from it." I emailed the creator of the lipsync widget and never got a reply. I was very frustrated.

So I wrote my own convertor app - PapaAE

It is simple and ugly but it works every time. It does not have as many features as lipsync. You can not change phoneme sets. Its set to Preston Blair and that is it. On a plus side, it is an app and not a widget so you don't have to do the goofy click-drag-hit f4-drop thing like lipsync. It only has one button right now, it opens a file select window. Pick your papagayo .dat file and your done.

Another feature is that it corrects for silence at the beginning of your sound file. lipsync always placed keyframes at the start of your dialogue not at the start of the sound file. This bugged me so I fixed it to place a rest until the start of the dialogue.

It currently only outputs at 30 frames per second, but I am going to change that soon so that you can select the frame rate. If you can't wait you can always edit the output AE text file, there is only one line you have to edit. Then copy and paste the txt to AE.

EDIT ** Added PapaAE2 to github

Feel free to download it and use it but please do not repost it. Thanks

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Post by rsoden » Mon May 30, 2011 11:23 pm

New version available.
User selectable frame rate. (common frame rates)
User selectable phoneme sets. (common phoneme sets)
-sets include Preston Blair -Regular (set to positions 1-10)
Preston Blair - Secondary/Sad(set to positions 11-20)
Simplified Flash (same as in lipsync)

Coming soon:
User definable custom phoneme sets.

I am currently modifying Papagayo itself to add additional phonemes (TH, CH, and others) Once these are running in Papagayo, I will modify PapaAE to use those phonemes as well and simplify those back down to Preston Blair if needed. Papagayo will be much more flexible if it had more phonemes to choose from.

I will post progress as it happens.

If anybody else is working with the papagayo source code PM me I would like to talk to you....
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That's great news

Post by lortega » Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:10 am

Hi rsoden,

Awesome news that you have done this work. I have been using Papagayo and going through Anime Studio to render out my lip-synced video files; with this tool I'll go straight from Papagayo to After Effects.
Please send me the app and I'll sure donate some $ through PayPal if you give me the details.

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