Help with assigning different .dat files to 1 Switch Mouth

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Help with assigning different .dat files to 1 Switch Mouth

Post by syscolin » Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:38 pm

Hey there!

The Scenario:
- I have 1 Character in Anime Studio with a Switch Mouth Layer
- The Mouths are imported via Papagayo
- I have two audio .wav speech- files and broke them down phonetically with Papagayo, so I also have 2 separate .dat Papagayo Files

What I want:
- My Character is supposed to say something (Audio File 1 combined with according Papagayo Mouth movement), then do something different, and say something different a few seconds later in a 2nd audio file with the 2nd according Papagayo Mouth File

My Problem:
- The first time my Character is supposed to speak (at about Frame 96), everything works great. The Speech- Audio 1 file corrosponds perfectly with the .dat Papagayo, that I have created on the basis of that Audio file.
- But what do I do when I want my Character to speak again after a few seconds of pause in, like, Frame 180???
- I jumped to that Frame (right at the start of the 2nd speech audio file), double clicked the Switch Mouth Layer, assigned the second .dat file to it, but then everything gets very messy in Anime Studio, since the corrosponding mouth movements do get imported but right BETWEEN the first mouth movements in Frame 96'ish. Now all I have are dots after dots and I can't possibly assign them to their respective audio file.

I spent hours trying to solve that problem but couldn't and any help would be appreciated, especially when it wouldn't involve messing around with some sort of program code or creating 1 big audio file instead of several smaller ones. Do I need more Switch Mouth layers? Do I need to set some sort of key frame between the audio files?

I want to create a comic for YouTube and this obv. involves several distinct audio files, so what do i do?

Thx for reading!

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Re: Help with assigning different .dat files to 1 Switch Mou

Post by Imago » Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:59 pm

You have to make different scenes (more than one .ANME file) and animate the mouth in each scene. Then you render all the scenes and put all together with a video editing software.
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Re: Help with assigning different .dat files to 1 Switch Mou

Post by madrobot » Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:42 am

I'm finding that AS9 autolipsync (within the app) driving switch layer mouths is working surprisingly well. I have to go back and correct a key here and there, or set a hold when it drifts from one sound across a pause to the next sound. But my return for time investment is huge. In the switch layer you set the wav file to read, and tell it to interpolate shapes. If your mouths have the same points (copy paste and change for each shape in setup) the outcome is quite good IMHO
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