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Re: Papagayo 2.0 beta 1

Post by Danimal » Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:02 pm

It works now, but without the installer Windows keeps throwing me errors when I start it since it thinks it's malicious. Ah well, it does work, thanks so much!
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Re: Papagayo 2.0 beta 1

Post by arglborps » Sun Jul 20, 2014 6:34 am

I'm a first time user of Papagayo, although I've been using Anime Studio Pro since the Moho days. I'm dabbling in lip syncing, so I felt I'd use this app.

I give it, it's a beta, but even considering that, on OS X (10.9.4), Papagayo 2.0 beta 1 seems barely usable.
  • Is there any way to play back the audio from a certain point? If I click on the vertical divider lines/columns it only plays the tiny part that the vertical lines are separating (which is great for very detailed work), but there seems to be no way to play back the audio from a certain point other than somehow dragging the mouse horizontally and keep on dragging (audio plays as long as I drag). Is that supposed to work this way?
  • Dragging words around is a hit and miss. Sometimes it extends the start of the word, sometimes the end, sometimes it drags the whole word. And I just found one place where even on maximum zoom I cannot drag the word at all anymore. So I'll have to start from scratch for a rather long audio sequence, bugger…
  • Is there no way to drag several words at once? With somewhat longer sequences, Papagayo sometimes gets it all wrong and then I have to shift longer portions of text by moving every single word, one after another. Quite annoying.
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Re: Papagayo 2.0 beta 1

Post by smeighan » Sat Jul 26, 2014 5:15 am

do you know hundreds of people use Papagayo to make Singing faces for Halloween and Christmas?

here is one example

Papagayo has been used by the Halloween and Christmas light groups for years.

here are some of our forums ... ffee-shop/ ... Nutcracker ... board=17.0

and some facebook groups

Just log in to any of this forums and say "Hi! I am the person who wrote the original Papagayo". You will receive dozens of responses from users of your code and are so thankful.

I have just tried your new ver 2.01. Nice!

Now, I noticed some bugs
1) For our christmas shows we use 20fps (50 ms frame timing). Although version 1.2 Papagayo did not give you a pull down for 20fps, you could edit the pgo file and it worked. When opening one of my 20fps files in 2.0, it shows 24fps.
2) I have nothing in Voice1, all work is in Voice 2. When I open file, nothing shows up in any voice. It opens correctly in Papagayo

did you plan in implementing the enhancements made in ver

Phoneme Drag 'n Drop
Phoneme deletion with right-click
Excel file export
Ctrl-Space shortcut for Sound playback
Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-Y undo redo shortcuts

My wish list
a) when doing a phonetic breakdown, there are many duplicated phonemes. Mostly they are etc. If there are the exact same phonemes in a word, could we get rid of the duplicates? For our christmas sequencers, we use up one tow of timing for each Phoneme. Someone wrote a php program to post process a pgo file. The pgo file became twice as small when duplicated phonemes were removed.
b) a new key stroke t move phrases left or right. I may need to move a phrase from teh right of the song to the left. i have hundreds of frames of empty space. now i have to drag the phrase. maybe a key stroke (like ctl-left arrow) would move the whole phrase and make it right next to the phrase to the left.?
c) Be able to start play anywhere! I am working on the last few phrases and i cant click the time line and start the playback. i can always click a phrase, but i end up with lots of open space and am trying to hear what the music is saying. To hear a place in the wav file where no phrases are currently placed, the only choice is to start playback from the very beginning

again, i speak for hundreds of people who have had singing pumpkins and singing trees when i say thanks !!

sean meighan
denver, colorado

author of xlights/Nutcracker sequencing software
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Re: Papagayo 2.0 beta 1

Post by Dodgy » Sun Jul 27, 2014 2:24 pm


I wrote an importer for LightWave from Papagayo myself, so it's good to see it updated. (downloadable on

I'll have to check to see if these bugs have been corrected in the new version (about to go to bed).

1> Long files can't be edited at the end. Sometimes I've had to break sound files up as long files seem to get screwed up some times.
2> You had to select the fps and press enter to get it to update the timeline properly.

Some improvements would be:
1> Better handling of long wavs. Sometimes a character only talks at the start of the scene, but the breakdown stretches it out along the whole scene. It'd be nice if you could select sections of the timeline and lines from the dialogue and click breakdown and it would only breakdown that particular line(s) in that particular part of the timeline, leaving any breakdowns already complete in other parts intact. I've had guys ask me to insert lines and had to redo the whole thing from scratch, it'd be nice to avoid that.

2> Option to place 'rest' phonemes in front and behind lines automatically, so the character doesn't spend 10 seconds morphing from the last line to the next. At the moment I do this by hand and it can be quite tedious, especially if a breakdown has to be done again.

3> Maybe the option of delimiters for Paragraphs? So long sections of dialogue can be broken up for easier breakdowns, like in request 1.

If I think of some more options, I'll let you know!
Thanks so much for this new version, I look forward to playing.
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Re: Papagayo 2.0 beta 1

Post by Siusan » Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:36 pm

Hi Everybody,
I'm a greenhorn. Is papagayo 2.0 beta 1 available for free? I get to know the first papagayo program. And since I've written a long text not just one sentence there are difficulties. How can I save my work to continue with it later on? :? :?
Thank you in advance!
8) :D
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Re: Papagayo 2.0 beta 1

Post by Dodgy » Mon Aug 04, 2014 4:18 am

It is for free, and to save work for later, use the Save command in the menu.
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Re: Papagayo 2.0 beta 1

Post by Ali » Thu Dec 03, 2015 11:00 pm


I'm having some trouble compiling Papagayo using Qt 5.2.1 on Windows 7. I'm interested in making minor changes - such as adding different phoneme graphics.

I noticed in that LIBS and MY_DLL_FILES referenced an absolute path, so I changed that path to point to the correct folder on my drive. But I'm still having problems.

When I run qmake, the console gives the warning: "extra_libs.path is not defined: install target not created" and if I try to start debugging I get this error: "During startup program exited with code 0xc0000135." I guess the issue is to do with the build folder not containing the correct DLLs, but since I'm not familiar with Qt I can't work out why.

Could anyone offer any suggestions?
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Re: Papagayo 2.0 beta 1

Post by Karhu » Tue Apr 05, 2016 2:55 pm


I am having same problem as Ali. I am on Win 10.
Seems that there hasnt been any fix?

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Re: Papagayo 2.0 beta 1

Post by muddcliff » Thu May 26, 2016 11:39 pm

I have it working under windows 10 and debugging.
What I am working on is the following
  • 1)fixed the voices list, you can now see the multiple voices. It was actually a flag that was assigned to true when it should have been false.
    2) added 4 moods to a sentence, you right click on the sentence and a popup appears where you set the mood (normal, happy, sad, scared). So in the .dat file the phonemes are AI or AI_mad or AI_sad or AI_SCA (well I haven't figured out that one yet) and you name your files accordingly. So you'd have an AI.png and AI_mad.png etc
    3) working on have a (none or empty, .png, .gif) suffix in the .dat file for the phonemes. So AI could be saved as AI.png or AI.gif or just AI. This will stop you from having to rename all of the layer names when you drag and drop the files into AS
What I need is someone that is a C++ programmer to help me along.
Plus I will not be able to create Linux or OSX builds.
Now I created my own branch but have not updated it as of yet because well I'm new to C++ (was a Java, C#, PHP, VB programmer)

Any help is appreciated.
What I'm not taking right now is requests for changes.
Click here to see whole screenshot >>>>
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Re: Papagayo 2.0 beta 1

Post by muddcliff » Fri May 27, 2016 12:21 am

Oh yeah FIXED and if it's playing you can hit the space bar to stop it. I hate having to try to hit the stop button on the mouse when it gets in runaway mode.
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