New Mouth shapes

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Re: New Mouth shapes

Post by mallorykills » Sat Mar 16, 2019 4:48 pm

Hello everyone I know 12 years have passed.
But I am desperate :( , I would like to understand how to add new mouhts shapes and use them.
I have visited all the existing forums on the face of the earth but nothing.
Someone here explained that actually being jpeg files it would be enough to go in the mouths folders and insert them manually (using the same phonemes) in fact there are a lot of tutorials for do it.
The problem is that, for those like me using mac , there is no folder anywhere with the only exception of a Mouths.anme.
I tried to enter and add manually, I saved but once opened the application Papagayo has not changed anything.
I ve searched for the Mouths folder in the mac and there is not really anywhere. I contacted Smith Micro as papagayo is no longer lost marble property but they told me that there is no support for this program.
what am I wrong?
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