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New Anime Studio Opening, Need name suggesitons and stuff

Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2014 5:07 pm
by TJMCAnimations
Im opening up an anime studio, Where my team make fandubs, (Like attack on titan fandubs and other fandubs) Anime shows, (The 1st one will have me in it) And more, Im looking for animators. Visual editors. Storyboard Designers. and other people to join the team, If your intrested of joining the team. Then apply here

Animators: (5 Animators Left)
Name (Your real name):
How skilled are you with anime studio?:
Can you show me your animation example?:

Storyboard Designers: (4 Storyboard Designers Left)
Name (Your real name:
How skilled are you at drawing/making storyboards?:
Can you show me your storyboard example?:

Visual Editors: (4 Visual Editors Left)
What program do you use for visual editing?:
Are you an SFX Editor? Voice Editor? Special Effects Editor? Or an editor that puts the musics/sfx/voices/clips together?:

Writers/Editors: (4 Writers/Editors Left)
How skilled are you at making storylines for episodes/scripts for characters?:
Can you show me your storyline/script example?:

I'll add more positions for the team later, So suggestion one. And suggestion a name for the anime studio.
Have fun signing up ;)