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Animator Wanted

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2016 5:07 pm
I am currently seeking an animator to draw and rig my animated characters. I have sketches by an illustrator but can't seem to make the 2d characters quite right myself. I need them rigged for animation as well as voice over ready. There is a real possibility for continued work based on the success of our working relationship. I have five main characters and up to 4 others that need animation. There might be background art etc. available as well.

I have a budget, but it has a limit. My goal is to produce several minutes of animation using these characters. They are 2d classic animation. My opinion is that simple is better for this job. Walking, talking, non-complex movements to get the project started. We'll see how the work and budget progress from there.

Thank you for your help/interest. Please send me links to any work you have posted or portfolios.