How To Report Bugs

Discuss Moho bugs (or suspected bugs) with other users. To report bugs to Smith Micro, please visit

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How To Report Bugs

Post by Lost Marble » Fri Jul 31, 2009 11:23 pm

Smith Micro has an internal bug tracking system, and although the forum is helpful for airing issues and helping one another with workarounds, sometimes bugs can get missed if the only place they're written down is here.

So, if you do encounter what you believe is a new bug in Anime Studio, please report it to Smith Micro using the following URL. This was provided to me by our technical support staff, and is the preferred method for us to track issues.




If you have an issue or problem with Anime Studio please send us a report. Our team will look in to the problem and get back to you as soon as possible.
To contact the Graphics Support team please read the instructions detailed in this article:

Title: Contacting Smith Micro Customer Service and Support

Please include this information:

1.) Operating System and Version Number including Language if non English Version of the OS
2.) System Details (Processor, Installed RAM, Video Card Model, Video Card RAM, Video Card Driver Version, etc…)
3.) Product Version from About Product Screen
4.) Product Serial Code

5.) Step by Step details to reproduce the issue including the exact text of any error messages. Please attach either a Screen Shot or Text File of the Error Message or Report.

DO NOT enter the Log Text into the Body of the message. If you need to include a report or your System Detail Report, please Log In to the Support Console and upload the Report as a separate File. Failure to do so can delay your response or require you to resubmit the requested information.