SmartBone Angle Constraint

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SmartBone Angle Constraint

Post by dkwroot » Thu Oct 16, 2014 5:09 am

After updating to 10.1.1 I've noticed something and want to verify it with someone else.

1. Create a Bone and give it an angle constraint
2. Create a smartbone
3. Set the bone all the way to the limit of its angle constraint within the smartbone action. Its best to do this several frames in (try frame 72 or so).

If you observe the motion of the bone, you should notice that it completes it rotation before it reaches its keyframe. This happens regardless of frame interpolation. I've found that I have to set the bone to just a few degrees shy of its constraint limit to prevent this problem from occurring so it's not a substantial issue, but I figured I'd report it anyway.
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