update reference not working in 12.2 but in 12.0

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update reference not working in 12.2 but in 12.0

Post by rrahh » Wed May 03, 2017 11:04 am

Hey there,

i have some problems with the update reference function in Moho pro 12.2.
Maybe someone can help me...

Changes in the animation in actions of the original source file are not updated in the referenced file.
I returned to 12.0 version of Moho, and... Tata! it works!?!

Does anyone else have the same problem? And maybe a solution (besides going back to 12.0)?

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Re: update reference not working in 12.2 but in 12.0

Post by DK » Wed May 03, 2017 11:46 am

I can never get update to work properly in any version. Same as refresh.

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Re: update reference not working in 12.2 but in 12.0

Post by Greenlaw » Wed May 03, 2017 4:00 pm

We use Referencing for imported rigs and it usually works, but I've seen occasional random problems with it.

Regarding Actions not updating, I saw that happen a few times when I first started exploring Referencing. After discussing it with other Moho animators, we think making sure your action has a keyframe at frame 1 may prevent this from happening. I haven't fully tested that idea yet but I haven't noticed the problem happening since I started doing that.

Another random problem is when certain channels randomly become 'not referenced' unintentionally. These are channels that do not actually have animation on them but somehow get into a state where they block the referenced channel anyway. The result is that if you apply animation to those channels in the original, the keyframes will not appear in the reference until you sync those channels manually, forcing the reference. It's not too bad when you have only one or two channels to sync, but I've had situations where as many as 40 channels will suddenly become unintentionally 'not referenced'. Fortunately, it doesn't happen often, and most of the channels probably won't afffect your reference scene, but it becomes messy and generates a lot of clutter in the timeline. I don't think this bug affects channels in referenced Actions though, just regular channels. BTW, this problem doesn't just happen with imported references--I see it sometimes with layer and group references within a scene.

In general, references have been way too useful for us to stop using them but, because of these potential issues, I don't use them as much as I'd like to.

Anyway, here are some things to try:

Copy any existing animation keys in your current project that has the reference so you don't lose them. Just making a backup copy of the scene might be all you need.

In your original scene, update the action so you have a key at frame 1.

In the referencing project, update the layer or group. The action still doesn't get updated, delete thelayer or group that has the action and try updating again--if you have all the options enabled, this should force Moho to update everything. Note that you may lose any new animation of layers that had animation.

If you lose any animation keys on any layers, copy the keys back from the backup project.

If you still have problems with the referenced Action, check the channels in the Action. I don't think channels inside an Action can be affected by that 'not referenced' bug but check just in case. If so, try syncing the affected channels.

If you still have trouble, try exporting the Action from the master and replacing the one in the reference. Note that you will need to delete the one in the reference before you can replace it. Or maybe just copy and paste the keys from the original to the reference. I know these last two suggestions are hacks and defeat the reason to use a reference, but if you have a lot of animation in the scene already, it's probably the way to go.

Hope this helps.
D.R. Greenlaw
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