Vector Shape Binding Zone .

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Vector Shape Binding Zone .

Post by chucky » Mon Nov 21, 2011 4:36 am

I had this crazy ( or obvious) idea, :idea:
Vector Shape Binding Zones for bones.
They could act as a better controller for the effected layers.
Imagine this, instead of being limited to flexible and Region binding which controls the underlying layer by a rather arbitrary sausage shape, we could use vector shape which shapes controls binding and falloff with much greater precision - especially useful when binding images.

I won't get too specific with my further ideas ( or alternatives) on this as I don't want to complicate things, just throw up the initial concept for discussion.
Feel free to expand or suggest other ideas or just knock it down as irrelevant , ridiculous and too hard.
I think it's an awesome idea.

I should say by version 9 we should at least see the binding falloff clearly.
What do y'all think? :?: :?:
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