Alignment tools, combine shapes, and oh, alignment tools

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Alignment tools, combine shapes, and oh, alignment tools

Post by guyver93 » Thu Jan 05, 2012 6:23 pm

I still give major props to Anime Studio. I'm still convinced that it's the best animating software out there BUT.........It would be super fantastic if it had some features that would make them king of the hill. The most obvious one is alignment tools. It's become a pretty standard feature in all graphics programs, I mean, powerpoint has them for Christs sake! I remember using them in freehand which doesn't even exist anymore. From presentation software, to graphic, web and even video editing software, they pretty much all have alignment tools. I would love to see AS add this feature in future versions. Time management is key and the faster you can produce, the happier your customers will be! Just sayin.... Typing in positions is NOT really the best way to line up multiple objects and grid snapping can't align in all situations.

Another feature that would come in handy would be a function that works exactly like the combine feature in photoshop where by selecting multiple objects that are overlapping on one layer you can combine the shapes into one object eliminating unneeded vertex points and speeding up rendering times.

Just my thoughts though, there's always a work around to any of the problems or situations I've come across but if at all when possible, work smarter not harder!

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