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Play around current frame

Post by macnavi » Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:19 am

Being a big fan of Final Cut, I miss some short cuts in AS. It would be great to have 'Play around current frame', in Final Cut done with / . For people who don't know this function: by pressing / (slash), the playhead will jump about a second forward from where the playhead is at that moment, play a second before and a few seconds after that point and loops or stops, depending on the settings. So you don't have to click to set in and out points, or keep on clicking.

Would be a great function if added to ASP. I didn't find it in the app, but tell me if you know if it would be in there and I completely missed it.

On top of that, shift or command + arrow keys to jump a second left or right would be a great short cut as well. I don't think ASP is the best with short cuts... :wink:
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