What output resolution to use?

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What output resolution to use?

Post by Lost Marble » Wed Mar 16, 2005 9:42 pm

The question of what output resolution to use for various formats comes up often. There are some tricky issues here, so we'll try to simplify things.

First, a regular NTSC or PAL TV screen displays rectangular pixels. Your computer screen on the other hand, uses square pixels. Moho is only capable of rendering square pixels. This does not mean that you can't create DVD-quality movies in Moho. What you need to do is export your movies using square pixels, and then convert them to rectangular before putting them on video tape or DVD. The conversion process is usually painless - whatever video editor or DVD-creation program you use will typically handle the conversion automatically.

Here are some common resolutions to use in Moho for different video formats (the 16:9 versions are for widescreen):

NTSC - 720x540
NTSC 16:9 - 960x540

PAL - 768×576
PAL 16:9 - 1024x576

Web - 320x240
Web 16:9 - 426x240
(You can really output any size for the web, but 320x240 is somewhat common.)

Below are the actual resolutions of TV screens. Do not use these resolutions in Moho. NTSC and PAL TV signals use rectangular pixels, and if you use these resolutions, your animation will appear distorted on TV. These are listed for your information, not to be used directly in Moho:

NTSC - 720x480
PAL - 720x576
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