How do I add music/audio?

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How do I add music/audio?

Post by Lost Marble » Sat Mar 26, 2005 5:41 pm

How do I add music and sound effects to my Moho animation?

Moho has very limited support for adding audio to an animation. You can add a single sound file to each Moho file by using the Animation->Select Soundtrack menu command. This soundtrack file will start playing back at the beginning of the animation, and you have basically no control over volume, panning, or anything else.

When creating animation, it is certainly helpful to be able to add background music, sound effects, etc., but Moho does not have the features of an audio editing program, and at this time we don't plan to add such features (our resources are limited, and we think it's best to concentrate on the visual aspects of producing an animation).

So, how do you add sound? Our recommendation is to use a video editor. After rendering out your animated movie in Moho, bring it into a video editing program like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. (The video editor is also helpful because it lets you combine multiple scenes, each created as a separate Moho file.)

Then, using your video editor's audio tools, you can start layering in sound elements: music, sound effects, vocals, etc. The video editor should provide all the tools you need to adjust levels, stereo placement, audio effects, etc.

Moho's soundtrack feature is probably best used to animate to a pre-recorded vocal track. Then, use a video editor to add music, background sounds, footstep sounds, etc.
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