What software to do lip-sync

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What software to do lip-sync

Post by Lost Marble » Fri Apr 22, 2005 6:09 am

At this time, there are several different choices for doing lip-sync in Moho, so it seemed like a good idea to gather them all up in one place.

The first, and easiest method (though not very precise) is to use the built-in volume-based lip-sync. See Tutorial 5.1 in the Moho manual for a description of this method.

Next is to use Papagayo, a lip-sync companion program for Moho:
There's also a new forum to discuss Papagayo specifically:

A Moho user on this forum, 7feet, has created a lip-sync script called Myna that converts the output of a tool by Microsoft to Moho lip-sync data. Myna works pretty well as long as the audio file doesn't have much background sound, but it only works on Windows:

Then there's a list of other lip-sync applications. Magpie and Magpie Pro are two that we've recommended for a long time:

And Pamela is one that was written by Myles Strous specifically to work with Moho:
http://www-personal.monash.edu.au/~myle ... index.html

Finally, JLipSync, a Java-based lip-sync program inspired by Magpie. Because it's Java, it should run on pretty much any operating system:
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