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Select Point Tool

Post by toshiyori » Sun Apr 02, 2017 5:16 pm

Having a character face & White eye's i am trying to create multiple eyelids positions under a switch layer. (I am using Anime Studio Pro 10) Starting at position "Closed" I select the same color as the face, "Select Points tool" ,drag over the eye whit's, hit space bar, the timeline starts running, the area inside the select points tool does not change. I have tried to use the "Add Point Tool" around the eye whites', with the face color selected, no luck. Also the "Paint Bucket Tool" & as well, no luck. I have tried both the "Style & Advance" sections for the color selection, again, no luck !
I'm lost, so I need some advice !
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Re: Select Point Tool

Post by will_f » Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:32 pm

When you go to select the eye whites, do you have the points showing?

Bring up the appropriate layer, make sure you are on frame zero

With the points showing, use the select points tool. If it works, the selected points should turn red.

Not sure why you'd hit spacebar, try copy and pasting the selected points into your new switch layer, then select and drag up and down to create new lid position.

(Or maybe put the lids on a smart bone and have the lids opening and closing as separate smart bone actions).
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