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Re: Moho 12.3 Update

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:34 pm
by erikk
The Mac issue with Copy/Paste and also the raise and lower shape menu options graying out. For me, it is fine and then suddenly they are broken. But I can replicate this one all day long. Open a document, work on it, save it. You know, ordinary stuff. Now open another document without closing the first. Work on it. Go back to the first. Bang. There's the problem. Restart, all is good. Repeat, bang. However, if you keep only one document at a time open, it doesn't happen to me. I need to remember to close my current document before opening another. This is usually okay, though not being able to have multiples open is an irritant.

I've had people who can replicate this. And Support seems to be admitting that yes, yes this is a problem. No word from them in weeks on this open and admitted problem, though.

Re: Moho 12.3 Update

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 8:51 pm
by Greenlaw
That's good that they've acknowledged the issue though.

The most recent thing I heard was that they're busy addressing bug fixes right now, so I imagine this is on their plate. (I think I pointed them to this thread a while back, and I believe they check these forums regularly anyway.) No word on release date. Hopefully soon.