Moho is updated to 13.0.1

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Moho is updated to 13.0.1

Post by Stan » Wed Aug 28, 2019 5:30 pm

There was no official announcement here, however, when I started the program yesterday it prompted me to update. So I think I should share the info here, to just let you guys know that the development is still being done.
Here's the list of what's new:
New Features/Enhancements
⦁ Updated Digital Certificates.
⦁ When you select a bone, all associated Smart Bone actions are highlighted in the actions list.
⦁ When you create an action, it’s timeline is automatically opened.
⦁ When you select a layer, all actions that do not have a keyframe that applies to the selected layer will be grayed out in the actions list.
Bug Fixes
⦁ When applying a Layer Settings change to multiple Image layers at the same time, the Source Image of the layer no longer changes for all the Image layers. This is also corrected for material files for 3D Object layers.
⦁ When you use the Duplicate Frame button for an Image based Frame by Frame layer, the duplicated frame is no longer linked to the original and drawing on the duplicated frame will not impact the original.
⦁ Using the Frame by Frame buttons of New Frame, Delete Frame, and Duplicate Frame is now recognized as a change in the project and thus becomes savable.
⦁ Moho no longer crashes when manually closing a vector object after a timeline point transformation, while having Auto-Fill set to on.
⦁ Moho Debut no longer crashes when changing certain settings in the Export Animation window.
⦁ Moho no longer crashes when importing the selected layer into the last folder of a custom content folder within the Library.
⦁ Moho no longer crashes when you use the Point Reduction tool on objects created with the Scatter Brush.
⦁ Moho no longer crashes when auto save is on and a project with “inherited” Styles is closed.
⦁ Moho no longer crashes when you import an object and then immediately try to undo & redo the importing operation.
⦁ Moho no longer crashes in certain situations when using the Text tool to create a new text layer.
⦁ The top left corner of the Timeline window is now responsive when you drag Moho to a second display that is on the right of the main one. The lack of responsiveness was only noticeable when using a Frame by Frame layer due to the buttons that appear in this location, or when using a Wacom due to the Multitouch checkbox that appears.
⦁ Moho no longer crashes when doing multiple quick clicks of the Search button within the Library window.
⦁ Moho no longer crashes when importing a custom folder into the Library and that folder was already imported. An alert now shows up that informs you the folder already exists within the Library.
⦁ Smart Bone actions associated to an imported reference layer are properly recovered after they are deleted, and Update Layer Reference is performed.
⦁ All image layers are now preserved when saving a file that was recovered after a crash.
⦁ “Duplicate as PNG” is now available in the right-click context menu of Image layers within Moho Debut.
⦁ When doing a Gather Media operation after using the bitmap tools on an image layer (and you don’t save the project) the gathered PNG files will have the changes you made even though you didn’t save the project.
⦁ The custom content scene “CK The Quick and the Dead” now imports properly.
⦁ Moho no longer crashes on Mojave after docking/undocking, closing/opening, re-docking, and then changing the order of the actions in the list.
⦁ Moho no longer crashes when drawing with the blob brush while being extremely zoomed out in the workspace.
⦁ Moho no longer crashes when trying to apply a Smart Warp to a Video layer.
⦁ Moho no longer crashes when you delete an Image Sequence layer and perform enough operations to push the Image Sequence deletion operation out of the undo/redo history.
⦁ When creating an image layer and you change the values in the Height or Width text boxes, the number you entered is now recognized when you use the mouse to click on “Create”. Before, it required you to either press Enter on your keyboard or click inside of the other text box.
⦁ When importing a broken 3D object, the alert message now displays the full reason for the error.
⦁ A missing file warning is no longer presented randomly when using the Character Wizard to generate random characters.
⦁ Exporting an action, deleting it, and then importing it now works properly.
⦁ The slider for distance in the Light window no longer gets stuck at the 100% mark when manually entering a value that’s greater than 100% and the starting point was less than 100%.
⦁ The Light window now refreshes its layout properly after being undocked.
⦁ The light widget now updates accurately to changes made to the various properties after the Light window is undocked and redocked.
⦁ You can now adjust the width of the right panel after you undock the Style window and you have the Action, Bitmap Color, and/or Light window docked.
⦁ File > Export > Export OBJ now works properly, which means it creates an OBJ file out of a vector layer that has 3D Options turned on.
⦁ Vector layers that have 3D Options turned on now display properly in the workspace when GPU Acceleration is turned on.
⦁ Importing Moho 12 files into Moho 13 now properly loads actions associated with the following properties: Crayon effect, Gradient effect, Halo effect, Shaded effect, Shadow effect, Styles, and Video Tracking Points.
⦁ When the Layers window is not docked, all right panel docked windows now properly resize when Moho is dragged to an additional display that has a different resolution.
⦁ Using the mouse scroll wheel to change the value of Opacity for the Bitmap Eraser tool now changes the value by increments of 1.0, matching up to the behavior of other similar properties.
⦁ The Action window’s docking status is now indicated even when it is closed, just like all other windows.
⦁ Importing actions now have a non-zero timestamp, which means they respond to Chronological sorting.The timestamp logic is as follow:
⦁ Importing a Moho 13 created action has a timestamp based on the originally created time of the action.
⦁ Breaking the imported action reference creates a timestamp of “now”.
⦁ Opening a Moho 12 file in Moho 13 will set the timestamps for all actions within the project to the creation timestamp of the Moho 12 file.
Known Issues/Key items to note:
⦁ When using multiple screens, the FBF buttons in the timeline do not work when Moho is on the right most screen
⦁ When GPU Acceleration is ON application of 3D option on vector layers are not displayed
⦁ When creating a text layer, if GPU is enabled, pasting a large amount of characters causes a slowdown and potentially a crash
⦁ Opening the Library window causes main Moho window to lose focus, which leads to keyboard shortcuts to be unresponsive. To resolve, click anywhere on the main Moho window.
⦁ The suggested folder to import a 3D object, when creating a 3D object layer is: Resources\Support\common\Library\3D\Props – the .obj files in that folder are currently not compatible with the new importing requirements and thus will not load, a message alerting you of this will pop-up when you try to load the files
⦁ Muting “Layer Visibility” & “Restart Media” channel on an Audio layer does not work – keys are not ignored

Thank you for the continued Support of Moho.
-The Moho Team!
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Re: Moho is updated to 13.0.1

Post by Ronbo » Thu Aug 29, 2019 8:41 pm

I guess this update is for Windows. There is no such update available (yet?) for Mac.
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Re: Moho is updated to 13.0.1

Post by ulrik » Fri Aug 30, 2019 6:06 am

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Re: Moho is updated to 13.0.1

Post by Ronbo » Fri Aug 30, 2019 3:43 pm

Thanks, ulrik. It's interesting that when I checked for updates from within Moho it tells me that I'm up to date and 13.0.0 is the most recent version. I am downloading 13.0.1 as I type this.
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Re: Moho is updated to 13.0.1

Post by Daxel » Sat Aug 31, 2019 2:50 pm

Thanks for sharing!
I am waiting for them to fix the bug I mention here that I find very important.
I really feel like I shouldn't use bezier points on rigs until that is fixed.
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Re: Moho is updated to 13.0.1

Post by -RR- » Mon Sep 02, 2019 2:06 am


Anybody, is the Feature Request Discussions section still active?

Or is there a thread here designated to development?

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Re: Moho is updated to 13.0.1

Post by animated_magic » Fri Sep 13, 2019 11:11 am

Thank you for posting regarding the update. I’ve had quite a few crashes with 13, so hoping this will sort things out. 👍
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Re: Moho is updated to 13.0.1

Post by SuiRad » Tue Oct 15, 2019 4:27 am

Any information on if the fbx exporter being updated? Trying to find ways to integrate animations with game engines still. Would gladly upgrade if this was the case.
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Re: Moho is updated to 13.0.1

Post by arglborps » Fri Nov 01, 2019 2:38 am

Still zero performance improvements on the Mac.
Moho 13 is still close to unusable on my Mac*, while version 12 is quite zippy.
Man if that stuff doesn't get fixed I'm seriously considering using some other software.

*(MBPro late 2016, 16 GB RAM, Razor Core X eGPU with Vega 64 GPU).
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