Sidecar and Mac OS Catalina

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Sidecar and Mac OS Catalina

Post by rayamc » Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:07 am

I updated to Catalina. All works fine except Moho still is using some legacy Quicktime stuff that means Pro res has no mask. Hopefully Moho will update the libraries to sort this out soon. Also I was surprised just how few apps didn't work

Main reason for me to upgrade was Sidecar. I've tried Astropad - cost me $80 for a years subscription. It was a bit hit and mis and I spent forever trying to fit windows on screen and messing with the interface.

On Moho Sidecar is very smooth with a wifi connection. Even at a distance. It still feels a bit Beta at times but it's a way better experience for me than Astro pad. Mini keyboard doesn't get in the way and if you float the panels in Moho you have a good amount of screen space. Using the screen mirroring I can retire to the sofa and carry on drawing in Moho in the evenings.

Don't think pen and small screen would be good for animating but it's great for drawing. Hopefully Moho will get better pen support for pressure sensitivity.
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