How to 1)unglue objects 2)resize bones?

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How to 1)unglue objects 2)resize bones?

Post by Will_3 » Tue Dec 17, 2019 12:59 am

I'm running Anime Studio Pro 5 on a Win 7 PC

I just watch the Square Bear Studio "Simple Stickman Rigging in Moho/Anime Studio" video on YouTube and created the stick man in my version of AS Pro 5.

Couple of questions...

1) I drew the rectangle body, legs, and arms... and the circle head... and rigged it up as he instructed... and it seems to work fine but...

when I bend a leg or arm white space appears where the leg meets the body... and/or where the arm meets the body... so I decided to "push" the leg rectangle up into the body more so when it rotated no white space appeared... but...

The leg rectangle is "glued" to the body... so the body moves/distorts when I attempt to reposition the leg rectangle up into the body...

The Question 1: How can I separate the leg object from the body object so that I can reposition it?
I'm guessing I'm going to have to "disconnect" the bones from the drawing temporarily then reconnect... but I'm not sure.

Question 2: One of the bones I drew were too long and stuck out the top of the head circle a little bit... I think... how can I resizce the bone?
(My work around was to delete the bone and recreate it.. but is this the right way?

Thanks for any help.
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