I have a plan !!!

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I have a plan !!!

Post by redstorm » Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:46 pm

I had a plan before, to spend some time drawing and painting on paper and photoshop, and some time in Anime Studio.
But I now have a new plan: to draw and paint directly on anime studio, and at the same time to learn the animation.
I can kill two birds with one stone.
Not only will i learn anime studio, but at the same time I will both gain in drawing/painting and do it directly
in anime studio.
Do you think is a good plan ?
There is more: I am planning starting next week, to spend one hour a day, everyday, using anime studio.
I appreciate any comments.
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Re: I have a plan !!!

Post by hayasidist » Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:36 pm

you still on AS8??

my opinion: There has been a load of improvements to the freehand drawing tools since AS8. So if you wanted the paint / pen look I'd stick with your plan A (PS / paper). However... the AS vector drawing stuff, in combination with the rigging system, is very powerful and is an absolute must to get to grips with if you're going to use AS at all - even with bitmap artwork from scanned paper and/or digital drawing. So I'd suggest you park, rather than abandon, your plans for paper / PS and do get into vector drawing in AS. At first, the ergonomics will most likely make you scream with rage; but do persist because once you've cracked the basics of getting shapes on layers and layers into bone groups and bones lined up with shapes you'll be screaming with delight. And then screaming with rage again because it's just blocks of plain colour - until you discover some of the hidden gems such as blend modes and masking .. and then you're back to the "argh :evil: !!!" / "aaah :shock: !!!" screaming cycle...
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