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Kamilla & Chomblay - Episode 2

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:14 am
by CharlieChompnChicken
Thank you again to everyone that contributes on these forums. I would be so very lost without it. I read how file formats can cause color banding and other issues. I wanted to keep the files as uncompressed AVI but those exports were choppy unless they were exported directly to my SSD which has limited capacity. Maybe it has something to do with the data transfer rate.

I decided to try the MagicYUV codecs but I wasn't quite sure which one to use. From what I gathered 4.2.0 was a good choice because YouTube would convert it to that eventually. Maybe I should try a codec with less compression because I am using PowerDirector to compile all the individual videos as a final export for YouTube. I was also not sure about which color bit to use so I stuck with 8. It seems that the majority of the users will export as a PNG sequence and then add audio later in their video editor. I am a little intimidated by this but I may give it a try on my next project.