Lip Sync with some professional voices (Critical Role)

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Lip Sync with some professional voices (Critical Role)

Post by MrMiracle77 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:32 pm

I've been an avid fan of Critical Role for a while, but like a few other animators I've found that it also presents a great opportunity to sync with a professionally acted/recorded performance, which is not something I can do with my headset.


So 'Twiggy', the guest character in this scene, is synced with a 9-position switch layer based on Phonome. I was never completely happy with that method because too many of the linked consonants ended up with the same pose. So for Jester (blue girl) and Nott (green girl) I switched to a 12 position system. Ad a smile and frown, and it means drawing 14 positions in the switch layer. Nott and Jester have added complications because one has fangs and the other has pointed teeth.

This was done in 12 Debut with audio taken from the podcast of the show, broken down in Audacity (which took up a lot of hard drive space for 1:43 of animation). It's a bit blurry because Debut only exports in 480p while Lightworks, my editing software, only exports at 720.

I animated the approach to the box backwards. I find it's easier to animate something accelerating than decelerating.
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