Six steps to change the Constitution

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Six steps to change the Constitution

Post by Víctor Paredes » Sat Nov 23, 2019 1:40 pm

Hi, it has been a long time since I shared any animation in this forum.
Personally, it has been a hard year for me. Also I have been working a lot, now in two features from Cartoon Saloon: Wolfwalkers and My father's dragon :)
Anyway, here's a quick video I made with my brother during a weekend. Chile is in the middle of huge protests and suffering of terrible repression from the police and the army (you can watch this video, if you want know more, but It's crude).
One of the main things people is asking for is a new constitution (our current constitution was written during a dictatorship and it's extremely anti democratic). In the middle of the tragedy, you can feel the happiness of a country that has hope about its future again. And is not afraid to fight for it. So we decided to make a fun viral video explaining the steps that would allow us to have a new democratic constitution, taking in count all the constraints we need to overcome.
All the characters, are famous in Chile, as the Matapacos riot dog, Stupid sexy spiderman and Baila Pikachú.
Image Image
I hope you enjoy it :)
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