Anime Studio Pro Arm/Hand Rig Tutorial

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Anime Studio Pro Arm/Hand Rig Tutorial

Post by EHEBrandon » Mon Sep 29, 2014 5:19 pm

Okay so today I'm going to explain to you how to make a arm rig tutorial. This could also apply for tails, legs, feet, neck, tentacles, even the body. This rig gives you a traditional look as well so it doesn't make it look like its a robot you could say? This method does give it more of a better look then a normal rig. Just keep in mind that I made this drawing and animation sample just for the tutorial so I spent little time with it. Thanks to selgin for posting a video on this long ago. I just wanted to show people my work flow with certain things. :)

Step 1:

Your going to want to draw your object and set up the bones like so:


After you do that make sure they are all connecting properly. As you can see from the image above the bones go in this order: Bone 4 connects with Bone 3, Bone 3 connects with Bone 2, Bone 2 connects with Bone 1 (Parent Bone)

The Joints go in this order: Joint 1 connects to Bone 2, Joint 2 connects to Bone 3, Joint 3 connects to Bone 4

Step 2:

So now you are going to bind each vector point to what ever bone you need to connect it to. Here is my example:


As you can see I mostly bind everything to the joints beside the hand which was bind to Bone 4. Now for those who don't know how to bind points you select the select bones tool select the bone that you need to select then the very last tab on that area there will be a tool called the bind points tool you click it and highlight the points and at the top it will say bind points. You click that button and it will bind the points to the selected bone.

Step 3:

Now you are going to do this step to all your Joints. Select your joints and click on the Bone Constraints tab. It will bring down a drop down menu. Go down to Angel Control Bone and select the Bone that Joint is connected to. Then set it to 0.5 or .5


As you can see in my example I selected Bone 2 since Joint 1 is connected to Bone 2.

Step 4:

Now you are going to move one of the Bones to make it move. It will get disorted like so:


Now you are just going to fix the points by manually clicking them and dragging them to the proper position so that way its not distorted anymore and it moves smoothly.


Now here is the video example: ...
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