How does Anime Studio handle image compression?

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How does Anime Studio handle image compression?

Post by GaryC » Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:08 pm

I've been playing around with the import image sequence script and making a script that would build ASP files prefilled with image sequences. The idea is that we have people working in another program, rendering out a set of frames for each layer of the scene and then they get imported into ASP for more work to be done on them.

When manually importing the full set of our frames it works fine and plays smoothly, even though there's a lot of frames. I do notice that there's a drop in the image quality after I've imported a number of sequences. That's fine for our purposes, the images serve only as reference in this instance.

However when I build a whole file with the same set of images and then open it in ASP the images aren't optimised the same way and it struggles to play the scene at a good framerate. I've been trying to read through the json and the js_image_sequence.lua script but I haven't found anything yet that could improve performance for my built files.

Any suggestions or information about how ASP actually handles images would be a great help.

EDIT: I have found both the "quality_flags" and "quality_level" attributes, but they're the same in both my files so obviously something else is affecting the smoothness of previewing.
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