FREE Webinar - Creating Custom Facial Rigs in Anime Studio

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FREE Webinar - Creating Custom Facial Rigs in Anime Studio

Post by Fahim » Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:51 pm

Creating Custom Facial Rigs in Anime Studio Pro 9

Presented by: Vern Zehr
Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 11:00AM PDT
Duration: 1hr. (Approx.)
Price: FREE!
Register here: ... me-studio/

Join Vern in this 1-hour webinar as he shows you how to create your own facial control rigs to animate the faces of your characters in Anime Studio Pro. Learn how to build simple controls for opening and closing the eyes, and for animating the eyebrows. These control rigs will allow you to animate features such as these both separately and/or together.

Do you ever get frustrated with bones over the face of your characters that clutter up the preview while trying to animate? As part of the face control rig, Vern will also cover creating an "External Control Rig" in Anime Studio using the Bone Constraints feature. The "External Bone Control Rig" will eliminate visual clutter allowing for a completely clean preview of the character's face during animation. By making use of a non-rendering vector layer, "control markers" are assigned to the control bones and the bone display can be turned off completely in the Anime Studio preview. Nothing will block or interfere with your view of the characters head and face while you animate. By using the ideas presented in this webinar you can simplify and streamline your animation process.

About The Presenter

Vern, also known as heyvern on the Los Marble forum, has been using Anime Studio since it was known as Moho. When he's not creating animations in Anime Studio he works at as a professional Joomla website designer, illustrator and part-time animator. He has extensive knowledge of the application especially features such as character rigging, scripting and complex shape effects, and masking. His favorite accomplishments in Anime Studio involve custom scripts to automate tasks and to aid in complex control rigs for characters. He has worked with Smith Micro and contributed characters to the Anime Studio character library, including Fritz, a character that makes use of scripted control of switch layers for lip sync and changing hair and clothing styles. He also created The Technician which includes a sophisticated head rig using custom scripting and bone constraints for 3D head turns and facial controls.
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