Importing obj pb

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Importing obj pb

Post by Nicohk92 » Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:22 pm

Hello all, I encountered this problem quite a few times when trying to import .obj elements. Always ended up giving up hence i've never really messed around with 3d in anime studio pro.

Take this example ... /grey-eyes

Upon download, it just give you a .obj and a jpeg for texture so it looks pretty straight forward.

As soon as I import the .obj, here's what I get:


As you see this is zoomed out all the way and the tiny frame in the center is actually the normal field of view. Indeed most times I try importing the simplest .obj, it gives a weird shape stretched to almost infinity. Scaling it down does do much as it ends up just as distorted. I hope this rings a bell to anyone and i'll be able to get some help.

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