Artificial Intelligence in Animation


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Artificial Intelligence in Animation

Post by dkwroot » Fri Jul 07, 2017 9:51 am

Recently, DWANGO released a video demonstrating an AI that attempts to draw inbetweens. The results aren't perfect, but they're absolutely staggering when you recognize that a machine is simply looking at two pictures, understanding the material within them and then creating an inbetween for them.

I imagine that this kind of technology is going to be ubiquitous in the not too distant future. Essentially, it would allow an animator to draw keyframes and then use an AI to generate the inbetweens without all the hassle of trying to interpolate vectors or creating character rigs. I don't think this will ever replace animators, but instead it'll allow smaller teams to create products that used to require huge studios.

In the video, the images on the left are the unaltered keyframes. The images on the right are the same as the left, but with generated inbetweens. There are lots of gaps in the inbetweens on the right as the AI struggles to understand the movement, but keep in mind that this is all early development.

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