My entry for the | December competition

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My entry for the | December competition

Post by Spidamation » Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:32 am

Hello everyone,

Its spida here, I know I have not posted in these forums for sometime now but I am back, hopefully for good this time. I am planning on releasing as much animation I can this year and hopes of sharing a story or helping others.

Starting off, here is a recent animation done with anime studio:

This is my entry for the monthly competition. This entry was for the month of December 2017 with the theme "The Snowman".

● Link to all entries: ... tion/#vote

Feel free to vote if you'd like!

I wish I could find more time but I found out about this competition on the 15th of December 2017. To come up with a story; to build the characters, B.Gs and to relearn anime studio it took me a week and 2 days.

For the remaining days, I had a rush time for animation also I got sick in the last 4 days. I had to cut the story short and implement new story ideas to make this version of the story but will finish the full original version of the short.

Please Enjoy!
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