SmithMicro license manager not letting remove active clients

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SmithMicro license manager not letting remove active clients

Post by EHCB » Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:39 am

Hi all, I started suing a different computer at work some months ago and haven't been able to get Moho running on it.

When I attempt to open it I get the 'the maximum amount of allowed comports has been exceeded' message and then a link to the SmithMicro license manager to deactivate other machines my copy is registered to.

As far as I can tell this website's completely broken as I've tried both removing clients individually and all at once and nothing about it ever changes. It always looks exactly like this (click through for a better view of the buttons):


What makes this extra worrying is I *also* manually deactivated from Moho's help menu on my previous machine and as I result I'm getting the same ''computers exceeded" message on there as well. Presumably if I manually deactivate on my home computer I'll lose access to the program on there as well.

Nay advice on how I can get this sorted would be much appreciated
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