CTN 2016

In November we were back at CTN Expo, demoing Moho for a second year. It’s getting bigger and bigger. This year I thought they had brought in decorative trees until I realized that the tent was so big, it filled up a parking lot and had to include the trees on the sides. Here’s a shot during setup before the crowds arrived: And the Smith Micro booth. I’m demoing Moho on a Microsoft Surface Studio (that got a lot of attention from the artists).

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CTN Animation Expo

We’re (Smith Micro) here at CTN Animation Expo setting up for a few days of art and animation. If you’re attending, please stop by our booth in Hall B and say hi. If you’re not attending and you’re in the Southern California area, why aren’t you coming to CTN? It’s not too late – if you’re into animation, drawing, or concept art, you’ll love it: Teyon and Víctor demoing Manga Studio and Anime Studio:

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The History Of Moho

The product known as Moho went through several years (and product revisions) under the name “Anime Studio”. Moho was the original name of the product, and it was changed back to Moho in 2016. The history below is quite complete, but was written while the product was still called Anime Studio. Anyway… A user (and teacher) of Moho, Jeremy Jones from, has done some serious research to put together a pretty comprehensive history of the program.

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